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Get top quality training without paying top prices

I'm here to provide you with services that meet your every need, from puppy to adult training, to taking care of your companion when you're not there or simply just providing your dog with exercise while you're at work. 

Obedience Training

obedience packages include a free consultation, no travel fee, and is specifically designed with your needs in mind.  We can do anything from basic obedience, sit, stay, loose leash walking, recall, release commands, leave it,  problem and behavioral issues as well such as nipping, chewing, digging, jumping, counter surfing and more.  All sessions will last one hour and will be approximately every week or week and a half depending on the skill of focus. We can also build a package to suit your personal needs.

1 session - there's no consultation for this, and this would be good for just freshening up on one problem or skill.     $80.00

3 session - In this package we will be working on a few (2-3) areas of interest this could include behavioral issues, problem solving or  obedience cues as well.  $225.00

6 session - This package is a great option for a well rounded  in depth learning experience from obedience to problem solving and behavioral issues, we can do a lot in this session.  $395.00

9 session - This package is much like the six session one but we can go much more in depth with the program that is setup based on your needs.  $515.00

Pet Sitting

Going away on vacation, a day trip or maybe a weekend getaway, I'll be there to keep your pet on their regular routine along with giving them love, attention, exercise and walks and most of all they will be in the comfort of their own home. This service will also be tailored to the needs of your pet, for an example you may have a puppy that needs a little more time out verses an older dog.  We will setup a schedule that works for you and your pet. This service will have a basic package at a flat rate of $50.00, again the package will be tailored to your needs.  The basic package will include your pet having three visits from me a day one of those visits will be a one hour of exercise and or a play session whatever your dog enjoys and will also include a walk, the other two visits will be what is good for your pets needs it maybe a breakfast visit along with letting them out to potty, then a dinner visit along with letting them out to potty as well.  If you wish to have additional services outside of the basic package additional rates will apply.  This package includes a two dog household, there is additional fee of $5.00 for the third dog or more. There is a discount for booking three days or more.

Pet Walking

prices include the following and discounts will be provided if you would like to have a weekly schedule for walking ( minimum being 3 days) and or if you decide to bundle it with an obedience package.

20 minutes - 30.00

30 minutes - 40.00

45 minutes - 48.00

60 minutes -  55.00


Affordable payment plans available and Discounts for services do apply

Free Consultations and No Mileage Fees apply


PB&Z's Canine Services

owned and operated by

Stacey Hetzel, ABCDT

phone: 717-542-3207


PB&Z's Canine Services

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